20Watts 4Ft Custom Spectrum LED Grow Tube

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Rs1,120.00 /Piece
(100 available)
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"LED Distribution: 50Pcs 3000K White, 50Pcs 660NM RED, 10Pcs 450NM Blue, 5Pcs 730NM Far RED, 5Pcs 390NM UV" High Efficiency, High Lumen LEDs with peak PAR, PPFD Output of upto 2.5umol/J. High Efficiency Isolated driver with PF>0.95 / (Flicker Free Driver Option also Available) Daisy Chain compatible tubes with capability of connecting upto 20 tubes from single power source. Borderless Tube connection capability for cascaded connections to ensure even coverage and professional Installation. Upto 90% saving in wiring cost with both end power sockets. Complete connector based design enables ease of installation. 99% transparency PC transparent cover. All connection accessories included. High-Quality Aluminum body for better heat dissipation. 

Product CodeFLUPT22-C1
Lifespan50,000 Hrs
Power18 Watt
Lighting Color4000K+660NM+450NM+395NM+730NM
Lighting TypeLED
Voltage220V AC
Dimensions(LxBxH)120x2x2.5 cm

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