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Home solutions

For urban dwellers who live in cities and have no land available for cultivation, we have developed several home hydroponic kits that enables one to grow crops in a room/balcony or a rooftop besides this we grow some really nutritious exotic greens and herbs implementing a farm to fork model providing hydroponically grown greens directly to customers harvested and delivered the same day.

Farm Automation

Aeroganics provides customized farm automation solutions that are practical and tailored for the Indian market. The greenhouse parameters such as temperature, humidity, Co2 levels, air stagnation, lighting levels etc. are all PLC controlled with the inputs from several sensors and controllers resulting in carefully regulated environments. We also offer the capability to monitor all these parameters remotely over WIFI or 3G using a custom built SCADA based application. Aeroganics has also developed a mixing tank based fertigation unit that automatically pre-mixes nutrients from various tanks based on user inputs (E.C & PH) and supplies it to the main irrigation line.

Commercial Solutions

Sustainable hydroponic farms grow plants without soil in a nutrient rich water solution. Our farm setups utilize the latest technology with a focus on growing more with less. With the right use of multiple sensors viz. temperature, humidity, CO2, light intensity, HVAC and a programmable logic controller the right environment is created for crop production. Besides this we have created farm management software that enables better monitoring of the data points for higher return on investment. The farms can be established closer or even within densely populated areas to minimize our total carbon & water footprint by reducing transportation and maximizing land conservation by adopting vertical farming methods without compromising it quality. This can totally change the way horticulture is done here in India.

Fresh Produce

Its not just the how, but the Why? When you purchase farm produce from Aeroganics, you get safely grown vegetables that you can trust. Carefully tended by our team of agronomists for peak flavor and Nutrition. Here are some reason to try out Hydroponically Greens & more by Aeroganics

  • Locally grown in Delhi NCR
  • Harvested at peak flavor
  • Pesticides Free
  • Sustainably grown under protected conditions
  • 95% less water utilization
  • Safe and transparent supply
  • Promotes soil and land conservation
  • Skill addition to the nation

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